Because today, most airlines are issuing only nonrefundable tickets, travelers who must cancel or change travel plans are forced to forfeit the cost of the ticket or incur hefty change fees. That's why Wholesale Fares, Travel Guard and its affiliate companies provide integrated travel Insurance, assistance and emergency travel services for million of travelers and thousands of companies around the world.
With our Air Ticket Protection plan you can rest assure you will be covered.

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  • What benefits will I get if I purchase the plan 15 days after my initial trip payment?

    Waiver of Pre-Existing Medical Conditions
    Up to $100 of air ticket change fees for a covered reason
    Default protection of covered suppliers. (Please see Travel Guard Alert for a list of suppliers that are not included)

  • Are there any states where the Air Ticket Protection Plan is not available?

    Yes, this coverage is not available for Oregon and Washington state residents.

  • If I do not enroll within the 15 days, how long do you look back for Pre-Existing medical condition?

    If you do not qualify for the Pre-Existing Medical Condition waiver on the policy, we will not cover for any loss due to injury, sickness or death to you or an Immediate family member or traveling companion if, during the 180 days preceding and including the Insureds coverage effective date there was any medical care, advice, consultation or treatment received for the condition that caused you to cancel. Nor do we cover if any symptoms of the condition were present, or if there was any adjustment in medication for the condition.

  • How long do my bags need to be delayed before I will be covered for baggage delay?

    Baggage delay coverage provides reimbursement for the purchase of essential items if your bags are delayed 24 hours or more.

  • Does the Air Ticket Protection Plan cover for terrorism?

    The Plan covers if a terrorist incident occurs in a city to which the insured is scheduled to arrive within thirty days following the incident.

  • When does the coverage begin?

    The Trip Cancellation coverage begins at 12:01 am on the day after the online purchase confirmation date.

  • How do I file a claim?

    To file a claim, you can call Travel Guard between the hours of 7:00am and 5:00pm Central Time and start the process with a Claims Analyst. The analyst will explain what needs to be provided to Travel Guard in order to pay your claim. The form will then be faxed or mailed to you to provide that information.

  • What if I want a refund of the premium?

    Travel Guard is committed to providing products and services that exceed your expectations. If you are not completely satisfied, you can receive a refund of the premium minus the service fee. Request must be submitted to Travel Guard in writing within three days of the receipt of your description of coverage, providing it is not past your original departure date.